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French Television-Station Directly Transmit Lossless HD for Video from a Mobile Van Live to Air.

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French Television-Station Directly Transmit Lossless HD for Video from a Mobile Van Live to Air.
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French Television-Station Directly Transmit Lossless HD for Video from a Mobile Van Live to Air.

The challenge

Black Box France was contacted by French television stations located in Strasbourg and Toulouse to find a solution to add digital signal switching and extension in their new mobile broadcast trucks. The solution had to support different types of devices (CPU, servers, monitors, etc.) with different resolutions, refresh rates, and different signal types (analog and digital). Analog audio and USB had to be extended as well. The trucks contain between 60 and 80 target devices all within a close distance to each other. Video extension needed to have a resolution of 1920 x 1200, with the quality of a direct connection, and instantaneous switching. The trucks are the interface between a live television show and the television uplink—the equivalent of mini-studios on the road. The solution needed to support the use of KVM-attached devices up to 500 meters from the truck.

The solution

After Black Box demonstrated the DKM FX extension and switching platform, the customer realized that this was the solution they needed. The DKM FX system addressed each of the challenges. It was a single, modular answer to a multi-layered application. An additional selling point is the long-term customer service and warranty support offered by Black Box. As a leading technology provider, Black Box offers much more than a simple transaction, including pre- and post-sales engineering consultation, pre-staging of systems, onsite commissioning, training, and free, ongoing tech support. Black Box engineers assisted the client throughout the design phase of the broadcast trucks, which enabled optimum integration of the DKM FX solution. Administrative and user trainings were also held during the integration with all personnel likely to use the DKM FX switching matrix. This yielded a comfortable and optimized workflow for production staff. Today in France, two unique media trucks travel the roads, broadcasting news and television shows directly to studios without trouble or interruption

DKM Features

The DKM HD Video and Peripheral Matrix Switch offers real-time switching and management of HD video, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. No-loss video extension means a high-resolution end product. In broadcast, the DKM is perfect for managers and users of high-end editing and rendering computers and software. In this mobile broadcasting application, the DKM enables users to install a flexible, scalable system in a small space.



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