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AmpliVox Sound Systems

AmpliVox Sound Systems engineers, manufactures, and markets portable public address systems: over 200 multimedia lecterns, veneers, hardwoods, acrylics; integrated 16 ch.UHF/2.4 Gig; audiences from 10 to 10,000; TSA/GSA contracts. Applications for large venues, education, healthcare, hospitality, public safety, HOWorship. athletics. 200+ videos. Custom audio integration. Unique megaphones.

Model: S1455

The combined USB-A charger with Qi certified wireless charger makes it multi-functional. The Qi charger pad on top, ensures optimal charging for all Qi enabled devices and even charges through cases u
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S604 Safety Strobe Megaphone
Posted on Thursday, March 16, 2017
The AmpliVox Safety Strobe megaphone is no ordinary megaphone, it provides six different ways to communicate: 1. Live Voice, use it for projecting a live voice up to 100 yards 2. Recorded Voice, use it to record a voice or sound and then project it. 3. It has a siren. 4. It has a whistle 5. It includes a flashlight 6. It has a flashing strobe light